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Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs - Dog Treats-(ZFRDSR)

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Zeal Dried Spare Ribs

Pack Size- 200 gm , 500 gm

Short of 'organic', Zeal Pet Treats have absolutely no 'nasties' - no vaccines, preservatives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, colouring, flavouring, and are also non-HTP.

  • 100% New Zealand Veal Ribs
  • High Protein, Low Fat
  • Suitable for Dogs of all sizes
  • An Ecellent Chew with lots of meat & red marrow, soft bones from very young calves 
  • Product Of New Zealand

Analysis Qty per 100g
Protein 58.0g
Fat SBR 8.6g
Moisture 8.8g
Ash 22.6g
Fiber 2g
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Food Type Treats
Brand Zeal