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Student Work Experience Program (SWE)


SingPet is the most exciting pet supply company in Singapore.

We offer top quality pet products at our 5000 sq ft lifestyle retail superstore in Dempsey Hill, as well as our online shopping at

In addition, we wish to offer opportunities to students to gain work experience, as well as fulfil school program requirements in an exciting environment.

  The  Singapore Student Work Experience program offers the following benefits:

  1. Gain work experience in a technology driven company
  2. Learn about e-commerce and multi channel e-Business
  3. Apply knowledge learned in real-life scenarios
  4. Use creativity and imagination to solve problems
  5. Receive accommodation letter and certificate of accomplishments
  6. Compensation for approved students*


The program roles and responsibilities includes:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retail Sales
  • Ecommerce content management
  • Digital Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Performing artists & Modeling
  • Visual Arts and Merchandising
  • Retail Operations
  • Events Coordinator
  • Product Knowledge Presenter
  • Entrepreneurship


  1. Give students live work experience matching their skill sets and interests while learning insights on how modern business operates
  2. Provide value to its business  from the student’s activities in the program 

Who can qualify?

  1. Minimum age is 16 Years old
  2. Must be physically fit as some work may require physical activities
  3. Pro-active and willing to learn
  4. Singapore citizen/ Permanent Residence / Dependent Pass / Student Visa**
  5.     * Pls note we are only hiring PR holders during the entire Circuit Breaker Period.
  6. Must love pets (mostly dogs and cats)

What is the job description?

Mandatory Job Description

  1. Come to work as scheduled
  2. Greet customers using Singpet standard greeting
  3. Explain our club membership, how it works and its benefits
  4. Assist customers with registration, products information as well as online or POS checkout
  5. Assist customers bringing their purchases to their car / taxi when required
  6. Assist the restocking of products at the retail shop including price tagging

Elective Job Description

To be determined based on the student’s profile and goals

What benefits can students expect?

Depending on the skill sets and goals, a student can expect the following benefits:

  • certificate of accomplishment
  • employment reference letter
  • CAS hours report
  • reward points redeemable for items and/or cash payment**.

How to Apply

  • Fill out our Online Application form at, and email to
  • Performance will be assessed and we will contact you once a decision is made, typically within a week.
  • A minimum of 24 work hours must be served if a recommendation letter is your objective.