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Ipakitine Supplement For Dogs And Cats-(Ipakitine)

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Ipakitine Supplement For Dogs And Cats

A low-phosphorus diet is recommended for dogs and cats with impaired kidney function. Ipakitine is a highly palatable kidney-protective phosphate binder. Combine Ipakitine with a low-phosphorus diet at the onset of renal-dysfunction signs. In animals who refuse a low-phosphorus diet, Ipakitine can be administered along with regular food.

Ipakitine contains Chitosan & Calcium Carbonate which act as phosphate binding agents and lower the absorption of phosphates from the intestines. Thus, in respect of a phosphate restriction, they can mimic or enhance the effects of a phosphate restricted food. There is also a reduction in the absorption of some waste products that can affect normal kidney function.


Calcium carbonate 10%, Chitosan (crab shell extract) 8%, Lactose 82%

1g / 5 kg body weight twice daily, mixed with food, for up to 6 months initially. One level scoop measures 1g of powder. Its is recommended that a check up is performed every 6 months. Administration can be life-long. Allow free access to fresh water during administration. 

Body weight of cat or dog:

  • -5 kg - 2 scoops per day
  • 10kg - 4 scoops per day
  • 15kg - 6 scoops per day
  • 20 kg - 8 scoops per day

    Always consult a veterinarian before using this product and administer only as recommended by a vet.

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