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Advocate Flea & Heartworm Spot-on For Dogs M (4-10kg)-(ADVOX-3-MD)

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Advocate (Advantage-Multi) Spot-on Treatment For Dogs

  • Kills fleas on dogs and prevents infestations for at least weeks
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Kills flea larvae in the dog surroundings
  • Assists in the control of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs
  • Treatment of ear mite infestation (Otodectes cynotis), Sarcoptic mange (caused by sarcoptes scabiei var.canis) demodectic mange (caused by demodex canis)
  • Treatment of biting lice infestation (Trichodectes canis)
  • Prevention and treatment of spirocercosis (Spirocerca lupi).
  • Prevention of heartworm disease (L3 and L4 larvae of Dirofilaria immitis)
  • Treatment of infections and gastrointestinal nematodes including ascarids, hookworms and whipworms (L4 larvae, immature and adult stages of Toxocara canis, Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala, adult stages of Toxascaris leonina and Trichuris vulpis)

Note - Do not use on cats


Topical. For easy application the animal should be standing. Part the hair between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube firmly several times to empty its contents directly onto the skin as a single spot. For dogs 25 kg and over apply the product evenly to 3-4 spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail. Apply to undamaged skin only. Do not get the product in your pet’s eyes or mouth.


  • 4kg or less - 0.4 ml tube per dog
  • 4-10 kg -  1,0 ml tube per dog
  • 10-25 kg -  2,5 ml tube per dog. 
  • Over 25 kg - Use one 4,0 ml tube per dog


3 Pack - Contains 3 tubes

* please consult your veterinarian to confirm if this product is right for your pet

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